Ebike sales boom during pandemic

E-Bike Sales Boom During Pandemic 5/27/2021
Updated: May. 27, 2021 at 10:00 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - The popularity of electric bicycles has boomed during this past year with more people spending time outside.

At Trek Bike Store in Wausau, ebikes are rolling off the shelves fast as people look for more efficient and cheaper transportation during the pandemic. “Sales are really, really strong, versus last year we’re up 300% as a five-store group,” Store Manager John Nowaczyk said.

Nowaczyk said they’ve already sold more ebikes in 2021 than they did all of last year.

“People are coming out of hibernation so to speak from the pandemic and they wanna get out and do stuff,” Nowaczyk said.

Nowaczyk said he had many ebike requests begin back in January, but didn’t have enough supply.

Now backorders are continuing into this spring, with many racks empty in the store and only two ebikes left on the floor right now.

“You may be preordering for this fall or next year if you wanna get one, you gotta get your name on one,” Nowaczyk said.

A quality electric bike can run you over $3,000, but they do offer many benefits. “You’re not really leaving anyone behind when everyone has an electric bike,” Ebike Escape Founder Ryan Lichtenwald said.

Lichtenwald reviews ebikes on his website and YouTube channel called “Ebike Escape.”

He said ebikes allow people of different skill levels to ride, plus they’re environmentally friendly and ultimately cheaper than filling a car with gas.

“We go to parks, we go grocery shopping, our whole family has electric bikes now and so, yeah, it’s a great family activity,” Lichtenwald said.

Ebikes also allow riders to travel greater distances, without worrying about coming home in a pool of sweat.

“It eliminates the stress that you might otherwise feel on a normal bike,” ebiker Bret Lichtenwald said.

And maybe a smoother ride will mean more exercise in the long run for people.

“If anything else, I’m actually getting more exercise and doing more physical work than I normally would be just riding around in a car,” Nowaczyk said.

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