You Know You’re From...Wausau: Kimberly Le

Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 8:35 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - At the end of every work shift at Northern Valley Kimberly Le gets dropped off at a bus stop after a day’s work at Northern Valley.

“I done something right, they hired me,” she says with a big laugh about her job.

She says navigating the Wausau bus system is really easy. “All the buses, they run every 30 minutes.”

When you meet her, it doesn’t take long to tell she’s not from around here.

“I was raised in Memphis, Tennessee.”


But she was born in Vietnam, with sight.

“I was 7 months old,” Kimberly said. “I had a dramatic fever. So I tell people I’ve been visually impaired all my life because I don’t ever remember seeing anything, you know?”

So what brings a Vietnamese-born, Tennessee-raised girl to northern Wisconsin?

“My son, he’s 6 years old now. I moved up here permanently to be near him since December. He’s fully sighted, he can see. He was blessed with that.”

We can all agree, all roads in Wisconsin lead to Kwik Trip. Two buses later, Kimberly ends up at store 728 on Kent Street.

“We kind of fight over her, I think,” manager Rebecca Bluhm said with a laugh. “Try to find who can help her.”

“She knows usually exactly what she wants to get,” added assistant manager Melinda Giguere.

Kimberly’s been coming to the store for a few years now, even before she moved up here permanently. Charming them with her southern personality.

“I just see somebody who embraces life,” said Giguere. “Comes in and knows what she wants out of life and isn’t afraid to take it.”

“She’s just always outgoing and so fun to be around that everyday with her is a charm,” Bluhm said.

“I have this attitude where, if you want something done bad enough get up, go do it,” said Kimberly.

Doing it with class.

Kimberly lets out a big laugh, and agrees “yes, sir.”

Should you ever run into Kimberly at Kwik Trip, on a bus, or just out and about, say hello. You’ll be glad you did.

“I get along with people. I just be me. Just being myself. Just who I am I guess.”

When asked who her favorite Kwik Trip employee is, she says she likes all of them-- they’re all really nice. As for her favorite Kwik Trip treat, she’s always a sucker for the peanut butter F’real shakes.

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