Groshek on the cusp of NFL dream

Published: Apr. 25, 2021 at 11:32 PM CDT
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AMHERST, Wis. (WSAW) -One player from our viewing area hopes to have their name called at some point during this week’s NFL draft. Amherst native Garrett Groshek is ready for whatever is next.

“The change is exciting,” Groshek says.

But before the biggest change of his life, he’s back in very familiar territory.

“Me and my wife moved back into my parents’ house for a couple of weeks,” says Groshek.

The former Badger back says about half the NFL has reached out to him or his agent, there’s plenty of interest in him.

He’s also realistic about when the call might come.

“It’s going to be late either way,” Groshek says with a laugh. “Unless something crazy happens. But, you know, expecting to be undrafted, which isn’t anything new.”

That might be scary to some players. But not someone that went from a walk-on, to a five-year career at a premiere Power Five program.

“Just getting a foot in the door, and then making it really hard to get me out of the building,” Groshek says of his mindset regardless of whether he’s drafted or not.

Another experience that’s shaped him to be ready for the moment he’s about to face was simply growing up in Amherst.

“You know I’ve had a couple of 15 hour days on the farm growing up, and that’ll humble you real fast, and make you understand that you’ve got to put work in.”

The work he’s already put in throughout his entire life now has a small-town Wisconsin kid at heart on the cusp of his childhood dream.

“The 7-year-old kid that was me, you’ve got to do it for him. You’ve got to do it for all the years, hours, teammate, coaches, parents, family that have put in the time to support you.”

Groshek says the first two days of the draft will be pretty normal for him.

But day three?

“Saturday is going to be the day where maybe that anxiousness creeps in, and that excitement really gets there,” Groshek admits. “That’ll definitely be the day that we’re ready and the phone volume will be on.”

Ever since he moved back to Amherst, Groshek has been getting his workouts in at his alma mater, Amherst High School. In his down time, the personal finance grad from UW is studying for his Series 7 exam.

Yes, while preparing for the NFL draft.

The full interview with Groshek is available below on the “Hilight Zone Podcast.”

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