Winter Farmers Market has last day

Published: Apr. 24, 2021 at 6:08 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - The Wausau Winter Farmers Market opened for the last time this season. The market, housed in previous years at the Boys and Girls club, moved to a warehouse space on East Wausau Avenue because of COVID-19. The building was a little drafty, but Winter Market Manager Mary Sandrini said it suited them just fine.

“It’s been a little cold but that’s to be expected with an old building that needs a little love, but we’re excited for the future with it if it’s something we’re holding on to,” she said.

Sandrini says the Winter Market had a good run this year, and credits loyal customers. Vendor Hannah Bahler agreed.

“Here at the winter market it’s the die-hards that come out every single week,” Bahler said.

“And it really shows the dedication of the community to our local food market that we have, whether it’s the summer time or the winter, but it’s really nice to see faces turn out in the middle of winter, during a pandemic when no one knows what’s happening, the support is just unbelievable,” Sandrini said.

This year’s summer market starts next Saturday and promises to have a lot of variety.

“There’s 49 vendors that are permanent vendors. Some of them will be swapping out with day vendors depending on who has what when. And then there’ll be a rotating food vendor,” said Summer Market Board Member Stacey Botsford.

Botsford said shopping at farmers markets benefits the local economy.

“So if you shop at a farmers market and spend your money with a farm in the city or in Marathon County, 85% of your money is going to stay within this county,” she said.

Bull Falls Farket will be open right next to the Summer Market and takes that philosophy a step further. Their rules insist that nothing can be sold at the market that was not produced by the seller.

“So that’s the one defining feature that if you buy stuff there, it is produced by the people and nothing is bought at auction or brought in from other venues,” said Cattail Organic Farms owner Kat Becker.

Bahler says the markets bring the community together and build relationships.

“We come every single week. We come through the winter and then we come to Bull Falls market, so the outdoor market. Yeah, we come here every week,” Bahler said.

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