Car dealerships seeing increase of purchases during pandemic

Car Sales on the Rise 4/13/2021
Published: Apr. 13, 2021 at 10:10 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - People in north-central Wisconsin have been on the search for a new vehicle according to local dealerships. Members of Kocourek Ford say they saw an increase in purchases last year when they returned back to work during COVID-19.

“We sold 100 cars in two weeks at the Ford store alone,” Kocourek Ford sales manager Ted Steebs said.

Those sales appear to be holding steady. The hot button item for the Ford dealership is the newest F-150. There are usually more than enough cars for people to make a purchase. Now, there are just enough to give people a test drive. But Steebs is confident the number of cars will stabilize soon.

“We have about three or four on the lot right now. We probably have a hundred that are coming that people are putting their names on before they come into the dealership. So that way when it comes in it’s theirs,” Steebs said.

Purchasing cars online has become a recent trend. The goal is to prevent face-to-face interaction with people in the dealership. Steebs says that’s not as popular in central Wisconsin. But he has noticed people doing research beforehand.

“Not so much buying a vehicle online where you’re clicking and buying it. But definitely a lot of information gathering before people come into the dealership,” Steebs said.

If people are looking to buy a car online, Steebs suggests having the necessary paperwork on hand.

“Sometimes the bank will require proof of income, proof of residency. The documents is the biggest thing you’ll need,” Steebs said.

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