Granite Peak has last day of ski season

Published: Apr. 4, 2021 at 5:59 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - The parking lot was sparsely populated Sunday at Granite Peak. It was Easter after all. Still there were enough people wanting to get their last day of skiing in to keep the lifts running.

“It’s my birthday, it’s Easter Sunday, and it’s the last day of the hill, so we came skiing,” said skier Leann Mickelson.

General manager Greg Fisher says the whole season was a success despite the difficulties of COVID-19 and a low amount of snow this past winter. He said locals were a big part of it.

“We have a great local crowd that came out here especially mid-week. We saw our night visitation skyrocket this year, which was fantastic,” Fisher said.

They had an agreement with DHS to limit attendance because of COVID-19. Fisher said that was enough to keep the parking lot full without spilling down the road. He said it also kept the lines shorter at the lifts and inside the restaurant.

“So this year it made for a good experience for all of our guests, and for our staff too. I think next year we’ll continue that, but we’ll be able to load our lifts properly,” Fisher said.

Fisher credits his talented groomers for keeping the resort over 80% covered even though we had much less snow than usual.

“The weather really did work with us this year. We needed to be able to offer more seating outside. It was a relatively mild winter for the most part, but mild, you know it’s still 30 degrees,” he said.

Now with spring here, the temperatures and rain in the forecast are turning much of that snow to slush.

“It’s a lot of fun though, I’ll tell you what, the last time I was here I was on the bunny hill with my son, and Leann took me right to the top, and I couldn’t say no,” said skier Joseph Meyer.

Fisher was even able to start a lot of the family-friendly programs and events he wanted to include in the season. He says it was not as much as he would have liked, but already has plans for next season.

“We’re going to do these little Grommet Jam events that are for kids 12 and under, we’re going to continue the family festivals and I’d like to add more things to those types of events. You know, bring in clowns and entertainment and again, like, just silly little things that kids enjoy,” he said.

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