VACCINE TEAM: Stevens Point School District celebrates first round of COVID-19 vaccine

Published: Mar. 17, 2021 at 10:05 PM CDT
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PLOVER, Wis. (WSAW) - The Stevens Point School District is adding itself to the growing list of central Wisconsin school districts that have received a COVID-19 vaccination. With the vaccination, the educators are one step closer to normalcy.

Schools everywhere have had to make changes to the curriculum with COVID-19. Plover-Whiting Elementary School physical education teacher Nancy Schuster says her class had a drastic change just to make sure her students could stay safe.

“The sanitizing before you can even come into the gym before you can even touch the equipment. Trying to find games where you’re not sharing equipment,” Schuster said.

Teaching students why the changes were needed would sometimes fall to the educators. Nancy says teaching the younger students was something she focused on.

“Having to teach kids, what does six feet look like. Why do we need to stay six feet apart,” Schuster said.

When the Wisconsin Department of Health Services said that educators could apply to receive the vaccine, Nancy said she had a hard time finding an appointment. So when the chance came for the District to give out the vaccines, the choice was easy.

“When the district said they were working with the clinic to get us a day I was like ‘Can I please be first?’ I ended up being second on the list,” Schuster said.

Nancy like other educators is hoping that the vaccine helps her school and others in the state to return to normal. But the most important thing to Nancy and other district educators is safety.

“I know a few of us were like ‘yes please, let’s make it safe for our kids let’s make it safe for our families,’” Schuster said.

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