Jennings and Co. competes in national recipe contest

Jennings and Co. seeks online votes to win recipe contest
Jennings and Co. seeks online votes to win recipe contest(WSAW)
Published: Feb. 22, 2021 at 6:32 PM CST
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - Twenty independent restaurants and food trucks around the country are $5,000 winners in the General Mills Neighborhood to Nation recipe contest.

Wisconsin Rapids’ Jennings and Co. is one of those, for their” slip sliders away,” one of their burgers of the week.

“It was one that we ran a couple of weeks before the contest, so, it was easy to use that one because you had to have a Pillsbury product with it, and the biscuit was what we used for the bun on the slider,” said owner Peter Jennings.

It has all the building blocks you want in a slider: Angus beef patties, aged cheddar, and hardwood smoked bacon. Chef Steve Zimmerman created the recipe and added some very special touches that put it a step above.

“What makes this one special is that I made up the barbeque sauce from scratch. It’s a mustardy, tangy, it’s got a little kick to it. And then I caramelize the onions. It’s a slow process, you get all that flavor in the onions, you cook those after the barbeque sauce is done and cook it down, real tangy and delicious, and then the garlic cheddar biscuits for the bun,” Zimmerman said.

Now Jennings and Co. go up against the other 19 recipes for the “people’s choice grand prize.” The public is encouraged to go to where they can see pictures of all the entries. The dish with the most comments or likes wins an additional $5,000 for that restaurant’s local food bank.

“They have to re-create it, so we had to give them the recipe step by step by step everything that we did, and when they re-created it, it looked exactly like what we did. So it was pretty neat to see that they can do that with one of our recipes,” said manager Trudi Sturm.

Those detailed recipes are also on the website, so voters can try making them at home.

Voting will be held February 22 through 26, and the winner will be announced on March 1.

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