Fetch Foster and Rescue home safe after ordeal in Texas

Published: Feb. 21, 2021 at 5:51 PM CST
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - Volunteers from Fetch Foster and Rescue are back in Wisconsin after about 12 days stranded in Texas due to the weather. They went there on a pre-planned trip to rescue about 20 dogs that started life on the street.

“We anticipated bad weather, but we thought we’d make it back before then, and that’s where our van had slid into the ditch and rolled four times,” said co-founder Angel Stencil Trevino.

Luckily no one was hurt in the crash, and they were still on their way to get the dogs.

“So they were down there for about nine days, and they were originally in a hotel without any electricity, water or heat. But it was the only one close to where our van was towed,” said co-founder Sarah Barrette.

But they weren’t going to leave without the dogs, and still needed a van.

“The van that we have that was wrecked was quite a bit older and unfortunately wasn’t worth enough to salvage and we didn’t have the resources to get it actually fixed or anything down there just because everything was shut,” said Barrette.

They work with foster families in Texas, and also have a pool of local fosters so the dogs are no longer without a home environment.

Most of the group’s rescues come from the San Antonio area, because the need is so much greater there than in Wisconsin.

“Thankfully Wisconsin has a really good support system for strays and we do have a culture of spay and neuter here, where we don’t see as many. If a dog’s seen running down the street, there’s usually 10 people running behind it trying to save it and find a spot that’s safe and warm and make sure it’s fed and taken care of,” Barrette said.

The volunteers finally got a rental and got home Saturday night, but the non-profit took a financial hit and is now down a transport vehicle.

The organization runs on donations, and everyone who works for Fetch Foster and Rescue is a volunteer -- even the founders.

They currently have their eyes on a new van, and would also like to buy some land to build a more substantial kennel and processing area. The group currently operates out of Barrette’s garage.

“We have big dreams and we want to do a lot so we can save more dogs. It’s just a matter of getting the infrastructure set up,” she said.

You can contact Fetch Foster and Rescue at, or Fetch Foster and Rescue, PO Box 127, Marathon, WI 54448. Or click here to be linked to their Facebook page.

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