Edgar’s crowded 1,000 points club

Published: Feb. 17, 2021 at 6:59 PM CST
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EDGAR, Wis. (WSAW) - At Edgar, it’s the joy of scoring 1,000 points multiplied by three.

“It was pretty surreal,” senior guard Makenna Guden said, who achieved the mark last February. “I was pretty shocked and the game got stopped and everything,”

“It was very special knowing that I hit it,” added Kyle Brewster, the senior who hit his 1,000th point against Marathon on Jan. 12.

“It just was a feeling of relief,” said Drew Guden, the latest to hit the mark on Feb. 11.

Three players, all Edgar 2021 graduates hitting the mark within the year.

“It just shows a lot of competition in our class and how good we truly are,” said Brewster.

“It’s pretty crazy. You don’t see it too often. You don’t see it too often, three people in the same grade,” explained Makenna, “So to share it with them is pretty incredible.”

Even more uncommon, if you didn’t figure it out already, Makenna and Drew are twins.

“It’s just super amazing that both of us are going to be up on the wall for the 1,000th point,” said Drew.

For extremely competitive siblings, it’s sweet, yet a humblebrag. That’s because Makenna was first by a year.

“She got it first---so it kind of put some pressure on me like ‘now, I got to do it too,” explained Drew.

“It’s good to pull out sometimes. Especially when he’s bragging to me about other things, I’ll whip that one right back at him,” said Makenna with a laugh.

But the two competitive twins have grown to be a little tamer. Now, motivating and driving each other.

“We’re just, we’re happy for each other. We’re good to see each other succeed in everything we do,” said Makenna.

And the Guden Twins, paired with one more Wildcat, make a special senior class

“1,000 point scorer on a team is pretty cool, and then to have teammates do it like me and Kyle is pretty special,” Drew said, “And then to have a girl do it too and have three people in the same grade all do it. That’s something special.”

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