The Deatons bring magic to the Wausau West girls basketball program

Published: Jan. 6, 2021 at 2:52 PM CST
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - Katelyn, Kadie, Kylie and Kenzie.

The Deaton’s are a Wausau West Staple, and they just keep getting better. It’s a Deaton tradition.

“Caitlin, Kadie. Gotta finish strong, I guess,” said Kylie Deaton, who’s currently a senior for the Warriors

For 6 seasons------A Deaton has been a Warrior.

Right now, it’s the last two, Kylie and Kenzie, who is a sophomore.

“We notice things that we wouldn’t notice for other players on the team,” Kenzie said.

“Knowing each other and knowing our weaknesses and strengths has made us better players,” Kylie added afterwards.

Before Kylie, it was Kadie starring for the Warriors. She led them to the sectional final her senior year, losing in a close 62-60 game against Kimberly.

“Katie taught me also, like work ethic and how you gotta practice. And those minutes will come with hard work,” Kylie said about her time on that team.

Kylie was a sophomore when Kadie was a senior, just like Kenzie is to Kylie now.

“I’ve seen them all in the gym practicing a ton,” Kenzie said. “If anything, I’ve learned how to get to your goals.”

You could say the season has gone off the Deaton way. A 6-0 start, with Kylie currently topping her sister’s senior total with 26 points per game. Best of all, she had no idea when she was told.

“I guess that just makes me want to work even harder to make the level even harder for her to exceed,” Kylie said.

That competitiveness extends to their home life.

“Even when we’re playing in like the back yard, or we’re playing ping pong. Every thing is so competitive,” Kylie said.

“What I don’t get out of them in practice, they go at it at home,” Wausau West head coach Tom Weinkauf said. Weinkauf has coached each Deaton throughout there career, at Newman Catholic and Wausau West.

81-42 is their record with the Deatons in the lineup.

Next year, Kylie won’t be there.

“It’s definitely going to be weird not playing with my sister. I’ve always played with her,” Kenzie said.

But they still have 2 more years of Deaton Magic.

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