2020 is showing to be a positive year for farmers

wausau cow farms
wausau cow farms(wsaw)
Published: Nov. 12, 2020 at 4:50 PM CST
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - After a slow start in 2020, the dairy industry is starting to show signs of improvement. The beginning of the year had an excess of dairy products, which led to the prices dropping. But the prices have since gone back up.

“The short term looks pretty positive, the long term nobody has a clue. It’s throwing darts at a wall right now,” the owner of Granite Vu farm said. “Almost sub $10 milk all the way up to $20′s. Just all over the place,” he added.

Crop farmers have also seen positive returns in 2020, which farmers say is a much-needed boost.

“I’m hearing across the board that people have outstanding numbers. They’re breaking the averages, they’re doing great. Harvest season was wonderful,” UW extension dairy educator Heather Schlesser explained.

The recent stretch of warm weather has also been welcomed by farmers. Helping them to finish up the harvest season easily.

“It gave a good week to a lot of us farmers. Got a lot of our crops finally harvested, got our manure hall that needed to be done, the fall tillage needed to be done,” Prahl stated.

“The fall season when it was here was very dry. It was quick and easy for them to get off. They had late nights, but it wasn’t as stressful like it has been in previous seasons,” Schlesser added.

Right now it’s unclear how much financial help if any that farmers will need.

“We’re going to have a new administration potentially. So there’s really no way to say what that volatility is going to be at for next year. So I think we’ll have to play it by ear and see what’s needed,” Schlesser said.

“It’s not that we want a handout, we want a fair price for what we do. The rollercoaster was good. Nobody is getting rich off of it that’s for sure. But it definitely did help,” Prahl explained.

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