Preview for the 24th Senate District: Sen. Testin and Piotrowski

Published: Oct. 26, 2020 at 10:37 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - Senator Patrick Testin will be looking to defend his seat against Democratic challenger Paul Piotrowski on Nov. 3. NewsChannel 7 spoke with both candidates on popular issues in the state this year.

One of the larger critiques against the Senate in 2020 is the fact the Wisconsin State Senate has not met since April. Paul Piotrowski says he believes both sides have become too partisan. He thinks he could add a more neutral outlook to the position and keep the people in the district as his top priority.

“When I’m elected, if I’m elected, it doesn’t matter if a constituent voted for me or not. What is the problem you’re facing? And what can I and what can your state government do to help you solve that problem. Right now we have a problem with COVID and we don’t have any guidance from the state,” Piotrowski said.

Senator Testin also weighed in on his thoughts about the senate not meeting, as well as the COVID-19 response.

“Wisconsin was actually one of a few states that passed a very comprehensive omnibus bill to deal with COVID relief. SO from my experience, Wisconsin was extremely efficient in our response to COVID-19 to leverage that money from the CARES act. But just because we haven’t been down to Madison or have not been on the floor does not mean work is not being done,” Testin explained.

Another topic that the candidates were asked about is their response to help small businesses and farmers in their district if they are elected.

“We need to make sure we pass a budget that is within our means but still prioritizes A conducive environment for job creation making critical investments in health care and things of that nature and to get us back to where we were before COVID,” Senator Testin said.

Paul Piotrowski says he would be in favor of another CARES act. One that benefited smaller farms and businesses instead of larger ones.

“Small farmers and small businesses. We need to provide that money and directly target it at those main street operations that make the small cities and rural areas of Wisconsin work,” he stated.

Both candidates share they are still hitting the pavement in the last few days before the election. Doing their best to answer any questions, and get support before Nov. 3.

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