Doctors say flu vaccine important for children this winter

Published: Sep. 27, 2020 at 6:02 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - Telling the difference between flu symptoms and COVID-19 can be difficult. With children getting sick often from school, it’s easy to be concerned that they have COVID-19.

“The best thing is to make a phone call in the office,” Dr. Larry Gordon of Aspirus in Weston said.

There are some key distinctions to make that help doctors determine the illness.

“Have they been exposed to anybody with COVID, do they have a fever? And again, you don’t have to have a fever but the majority of people get fevers from it,” Dr. Gordon added.

That fever is a key determining factor—but it can also mean another illness.

The big thing doctors say is to keep your child at home.

“In the meantime, the answer is keep the person at home. Right, so keep the child at home,” Dr. Gordon added.

This difficulty in discerning the two is a big reason why Dr. Gordon says getting your child the flu shot is crucial.

“Flu immunization is key because it’s going to help us narrow down what are you possible having and what aren’t you having,” Dr. Gordon explained.

With a flu immunization, doctors can make that determination much easier. Plus—flu shots help make less people sick, which is a win for Dr. Gordon.

“Anything we can do to stem the spread, absolutely,” he says.

COVID-19 tests will be necessary in certain cases, but Dr. Gordon says call the physician first before getting a test.

“If necessary, they may even say call the COVID line so you can get yourself tested,” Dr. Gordon says.

The large concern lies with dealing with typical flu season on top of a pandemic. That’s why Dr. Gordon says flu shots for children are vital to helping doctors, parents, and keeping each member of the schools safe.

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