Point Brewery announces $2.5 million expansion renovation

Published: Sep. 23, 2020 at 12:09 PM CDT
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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) - The Stevens Point Brewery announced Wednesday, plans to expand with a $2.5M investment in new capacity, equipment, and capabilities.

Instead of a physical extension or new building, the expenditure will focus on the existing structure, which has cellars and outer walls that date back to 1857.

“We’re very fortunate that we’re continuing to grow,” explained operating partner Joe Martino. “That started even before the pandemic and that’s really a testament to our brand and the quality of our brands and the innovation of our brands.”

Martino says that a short-term goal is for Point Brewery to be selling products in all 50 states. Currently, in 36, he says these new improvements will help them be more efficient and hopefully expand to the other 14.

“In recent years, Point Brewery has been primarily focused on innovative product development, brewing efficiencies, our Quality Program, and putting together a stellar team," Martino said. “Now, with demand increasing year after year for Point Beers, Ciderboys Hard Ciders, and Whole Hog Brews, the decision to invest was easy.”

The upgrades to the historic Wisconsin brewery, the third oldest in the nation, include four additional 300-bbl fermentation tanks, a second centrifuge, state-of-the-art tunnel pasteurization, doubled line speeds, variety pack cans, and more. The additional 40,000 barrels will bring Point’s annual output to 165,000 barrels.

Point Brewery has also ordered a new, faster can packer, which will handle a greater variety of cans, single-serve 19.2-ounce can.

“Point Brewery could have easily picked up and gone to a bigger market, but it didn’t,” said Stevens Point Mayor Mike Wiza. “It remained here, committed to our community and a lot of that has to do with the employees taking pride in what they do. We’re very honored to have the Point Brewery continue expansion, continue growth, and this new expansion just helps share that Point special product a little bit further out there.”

“It’s great for us to be a part of the Stevens Point community, the central Wisconsin community,” Martino added. “We have a lot of fans here and the fact that we’re able to increase is a testament to everyone here in the local area.”

The renovation is scheduled to be finished by next spring.

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