Minocqua’s tourist business “booming” as the summer winds down

Published: Sep. 5, 2020 at 6:20 PM CDT
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MINOCQUA, Wis. (WSAW) - Labor day weekend typically signals the end of summer for Minocqua. But for a summer they say is “not normal,” this year it may not be the finale.

“Rentals have been up about 10-12 percent since last year,” Tom Ryden, the manager at R&R Rentals in Minocqua, said. He said the power sports side- boats, ATV, UTV- have seen a 25-30 percent increase.

That’s due to what has been described by almost everyone in Minocqua as an “insane” summer.

“We’ve been booking rentals sooner and they’ve been going a lot later in the year,” Ryden said. “If we had the inventory, we’d be able to easily do another 25 percent on top of what we did this year.”

It’s a summer that they say began in March when the shutdowns pushed people to be up north and secluded from others.

“With all the students doing at-home schooling, they’re now here in the area doing schooling from their Northwoods homes,” Ryden explained.

Some are on a labor day vacation, like Maddy Bovre and Nick Jones from Madison.

“We wanted to take a vacation and all of our other vacations have been cancelled,” Bovre explained

Minocqua is an easy place to go. Bovre and Jones said they planned this trip just two weeks ago. That leaves downtown bustling, and plenty of stores with the open sign lit up--like Chequamegon Adventure Company.

“As people started figuring out that there wasn’t any soccer and they could work from home, they started coming up in mass. There are a lot of people up here,” Andrew Teichmiller, the owner, said.

That’s translated to lots of sales—and a busy summer.

“If we had a crystal ball and we ordered three times as much as we would in a normal year, we would’ve sold it all.”

Sales that may not end any time soon. Some speculated that people will continue to stay in the Northwoods until the weather cools down—which may not be until October.

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