Thomas Street proposal met with resistance from residents

Residents near Thomas street are opposed to seven million dollar proposal.
Published: Aug. 17, 2020 at 11:20 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - On Monday, Wausau alderpersons from the third and tenth districts held a community meeting to discuss a seven million dollar proposal from Aedifix holdings of Amherst to build high-end apartments on Thomas Street. The project would stretch from the Thomas St. bridge, to Cleveland avenue. The proposal said that 34 higher-end rental units and a separate multi-tenant office building. The proposal also stated that Aedifix requested to purchase the land for a total cost of one dollar.

“Potentially buying them for a dollar just feels like a steal and it feels like they are taking something away that could be so much more,” Wausau resident Mary Holmberg said.

“If a company can buy that land for a dollar, why can’t I buy that land for a dollar?” resident Andy Buttke asked.

At the meeting, it was clear to see where the residents stood.

“Nobody wants what they’re proposing,” Buttke stated.

Even though people dismissed the proposal, there were other options given. For example, instead of having high-end apartments built on-site, many residents would rather have single-family homes.

“If they’re going to build anything there it should be single-family homes,” Buttke explained.

“I think single-family homes is going to increase the neighborhood value as well as keep that nice family culture that we have going,” Holmberg added.

The next time the subject will be discussed is during the economic development meeting on September 1. Third district resident Tom Killian says he already knows how he feels about the project ahead of that meeting.

“This should be a red flag for all members of the city council and there were a lot of people here tonight and their voice was clear,” Killian said. “I will not be supporting the current proposal and to sell the city land for a dollar,” he added.

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