Portage, Marathon counties join Clark County by implementing mask reporting systems

Published: Aug. 7, 2020 at 6:54 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - Portage County and Marathon County are setting up an online reporting system to report mask mandate violations Friday. Lincoln County is also considering one.

That makes four counties- Portage, Marathon, Lincoln, and Clark-- in central Wisconsin that are creating, have created, or are considering an online reporting system.

“We do want to remind people to wear their masks,” Judy Burrows of the Marathon County Health Department said.

The mask mandate had questions raised when it was first issued of who would be enforcing it. Now, it is clear that health departments are taking the lead.

“They can enter in the information of where they have concerns of mask-wearing in the community,” Ray Przyvelski of the Portage County Health Department said.

Both Marathon and Portage Counties are launching similar online reporting systems. It’s for general complaints about locations not adhering to the mask mandate.

“We’re going to reach out to that business if it is a complaint about that business and we’re just going to have a conversation with them,” Przyvelski said.

The goal is to not report individuals without a mask.

“When people see a person not wearing a mask, just like in the governor’s order, they have to assume that person has a good reason to not wear a mask,” Przyvelski added.

“We understand this is a new habit people are getting into. So we don’t want to penalize people for forgetting to wear their mask one time,” Burrows explained

The Marathon County Health Department says it’s important for those concerned to have a voice in the process. If their judgment says it’s important, then they should be able to voice that concern.

“It can be a business or whatever they feel is important enough to want to document,” Burrows said.

The message across the board is educating, not penalizing.

“What can we do to help to make compliance easier,” Burrows explained.

The Marathon County website will be up sometime next week. Przyvelski said he hoped that the Portage County link would be ready Friday.

Lincoln County said they will have more information regarding their reporting site on Monday.

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