Parents looking to fight the “Summer Slide”

Kids who struggle on the long summer breaks are encouraged to stay sharp during summer.
Published: Jul. 10, 2020 at 7:51 AM CDT
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School officials say students have a harder time returning to the classroom after long breaks off. It has picked up the name “summer slide” and has the chance to be worse this year than in years past, due to schools switching to distanced learned even before the start of the traditional summer break.

“The summer slide is real, and we’ve seen that in regular years and unfortunately we might see that to a greater extent with the pandemic taking place first and the summer slide on top of that,” Horace Mann Middle School Principal Dr. Rob Phelps said.

According to teachers, there’s one subject that students “slide” more on than others.

“Math is the place where the summer slide is even more realistic. Where we’re seeing more slide in mathematics,”Dr. Phelps added.

Summer classes can add many benefits to students, especially when they transition to a large school.

“Those transition years are so important. I think of going to an elementary school with maybe 200 kids going into the big middle school with 750 to 1,000 kids where all of these elementary’s are coming together,” Dr. Phelps explained.

Classes over the summer also helps students build relationships with classmates and teachers.

“Summer gives us another time to build those relationships with our kids and really gain that relationship that will move into the school year,” Dr. Phelps stated.

Summer classes isn’t the only way that families can avoid setbacks. Students can also benefit from school activities done at home.

”I’d say just get out there and engage in something. If it’s something as a family, If it’s reading a book, it it’s solving some problems together, I know there’s some great stem activities that you do those things as a family and you solve problems. Just do something that engages you mind,” Dr. Phelps said.

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