Arpin family gets new camper through Make-A-Wish

Cooper Resech and his family receive a camper from Greenway RV in Wisconsin Rapids.
Published: Jul. 8, 2020 at 4:37 PM CDT
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Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. (WSAW) -

3-year-old Cooper Resech suffers from a genetic disorder that not many know of or can even pronounce.

“It’s called early infantile epileptic encephalopathy,” Cooper’s mother Katelyn Resech said.

Copper has dealt with the disorder for almost his entire life but never fails to be a bright spot for his family.

“He was about six months old, he started to have seizures. He was diagnosed with a pretty rare genetic disorder. But he’s just a happy little guy and we’re lucky that he’s ours,” Resech added.

When the family was approached by Make-A-Wish, they originally wanted to go to Disney. But since that was not very safe because of COVID-19, his family decided to receive a camper instead. So Make-A-Wish reached out to a local company to get the deal done.

“Nicole Wagner at Make a Wish Foundation reached out to us and said that we have this family and hear that you would love to help, so we did,” Greenway RV general manager Lorna Holewinski explained.

“This was the next best thing and something where he can be in a temperature-controlled environment, which is the big thing. Yet we can still have fun and make memories with the whole family,” Resech said.

But the employees at Greenway RV didn’t stop at the camper, they also raised $500 to help the Resech family purchase camping supplies.

“We found our niche in the community, this is our way for giving back to families in need,” Holewinski added.

Since Cooper’s disorder is so rare, his outlook is still unknown at this point. But he and his family are excited to make memories with their newest gifts.

“We know that someday inevitably he’s going to leave us, which is sad. But right now we’re just trying to make memories as a family, do everything we can to give him a good life,” Resesch explained.

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