Kayaks and other water items running low in the Wausau area

Stores are running low on kayaks and life jackets before July 4th weekend
Published: Jul. 1, 2020 at 10:38 PM CDT
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The mix of warm weather and the Fourth of July weekend has made water sports a hot commodity. Some stores have already started running low on certain items.

“Obviously kayaks was a great season, or was. Cause we’re sold out for the year we can’t get any more,” Shepherd and Schaller owner Robb Shepherd said.

But kayaks aren’t the only thing that is running low, life jackets are also facing a shortage nationwide. COVID-19 is mostly to blame since people are traveling less, and factories slowed down production earlier this year.

“The life jackets are very hard to get as well and they’re very low on everything, because of the increase of people boating and staying closer to home,” Shepherd added.

Shepherd and Schaller won’t be getting any kayaks until later this summer or in the fall, while they expect to receive some life jackets before the weekend.

Safety is important to Robb as well, and he makes sure to share that with the customers that he serves.

“Whenever we sell something in the water sports category, we educate the folks that are purchasing it,” Shepherd explained.

Whether that customer will be in the water this weekend, or on land. He hopes that he can help them enjoy the holiday.

“Whether you’re out on the water, out on the trails, hiking, or whatever you’re doing, it’s a great time to be outdoors,” Shepherd said.

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