PASTA builds mountain biking trails for the whole family

Eight miles of new single track mountain biking trail now stands at Standing Rock County Park.
Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 11:45 AM CDT
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Eight miles of new single-track mountain biking trail now stands at Standing Rock County Park.

It’s all thanks to the hours of work put in by the Point Area Single Track Association, volunteers, and community donations to create trails that tailer to the whole community instead of only advanced riders.

The new trails look to fill a need in Portage County for easier trails as the sport becomes more popular for both older and younger riders. The Portage County Parks and Rec. Department reported a 400% increase in mountain bike user fees for the area.

“I’ve seen more families more kids more novice, more older riders out here than ever before. So I think it is a build it and they will come sort of scenario but we’ll see more going forward to the rest of this season and into the future,” Mike Mitchell with PASTA said.

PASTA has been working on the trails for almost an entire year using machines to lay the initial groundwork, and then working with volunteers to dig up roots, rocks and put on the finishing touches by hand.

"Seeing the community rally around this has been an emotional thing I think for everybody on the team when we set out to do this work at Standing Rock trails, there were a lot of question marks about whether or not the community was going to support mountain biking and seeing the increase in the number of people that are out using these trails has been just you know, we're over the moon," Jon Gadbois with PASTA said.

Starting Wednesday volunteers will be back out on the trails every week with rakes and shovels, to finish off the project. After that, the group will move on to fixing up the higher level trails.

To learn more or volunteer to help visit the

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