Baseball tournaments continue through pandemic

Published: Jun. 28, 2020 at 5:15 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - The ring of the bat and the cheers are synonymous with summer. After a delay to the season, tournaments are being played.

”It feels good because I just get to hang out with my friends” Quillan Kunkel, a Marathon player said.

“It’s good to get the kids out. Playing around and moving around, Ron Kunkel, Quillan’s dad and coach said.

One in Schofield on Sunday felt like a normal tournament, but it was not without a few guidelines.

First, they removed the bleachers from the stands and dugouts.

“That way we didn’t have to sanitize them and the kids weren’t bunched together shoulder to shoulder,” Tim May, the tournament director, said.

Then, cones were set up to keep the fans from the field, away from the players. Hand Sanitizer and masks were used by the concession stands, including Plexiglas.

“I think we’ve got about 20 different things we’ve implemented to be sure we’re being safe,” May said.

Parents attending agreed with May.

“We spread out as much as we can with the room that we’ve got,” Bethany Bowe, who is a parent of a player, said.

“A lot of hand sanitizing. We keep the kids kind of spread out and in the dugouts and just really make sure that their washing their hands a lot,” Heidi Solin said.

May added that they did follow the Marathon County Health Department guidelines, but that there was only so much to do.

“We have. As best as we could, but we want to make sure that the kids have a good experience.”

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