Furniture stores backed up due to COVID-19

Lower capacities in manufacturing lead orders being backed up.
Published: Jun. 26, 2020 at 6:04 PM CDT
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Furniture sales are at an all-time demand, and furniture stores believe it’s because people are spending so much time at home during COVID-19.

“The furniture industry in itself is seeing a lot of demand right now. People are out there looking to replace stuff because they’re spending so much time in their homes,” Furniture and Appliance Mart vice president of marketing Jon Gadbois said.

“People have been transferred to working from home, so we see people transitioning rooms into their homes into office space,” Nigbur’s Fine Furniture general manager Linda Nigbur added.

The pandemic that has been keeping people inside their homes is also disrupting furniture orders.

“You had a bunch of manufacturing facilities that were impacted by this that were operating at maybe 30-40% of their capacity. Right now we’re seeing that come to fruition when it comes to retail,” Gadbois explained.

It’s uncertain if that longer wait time trend will continue. Store owners are saying that it makeS more sense to buy sooner.

“There are manufacturers, that when we do orders, it takes 10-12 weeks normally. It certainly is a good time to start,” Nigbur stated.

“If you wait the demand continues to go up and the product that’s on the water right now is being reserved. If we have to wait for the next round of product to get to us then that could be substantially longer. So right now, really, is that right time to get it,” Gadbois added.

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