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GI Joe Military Tribute Dioramas/ Scene A Ramas at local libraries

Nov 1, 2014 - Jan 31, 2015 Library Hours

Wausau,Edgar, Marathon Marathon County Branch Libraries
From/Contact For Interview Norbert Normand
Phone: 715-842-9036

Press Release:

GI Joe Military Scene A Ramas /Dioramas Youth Constructed

12 inch GI Joe Doll Scene A Ramas will be exhibited in Marathon County Public Libraries in authentic military uniform and gear as a military tribute and military historical preservation remembrance starting November 1, 2014. The 5 Dioramas or Scene A Ramas are Sponsored by Electronic And Computer Solutions, LLC ( Wausau, Wisconsin.

For current and past Scene A Rama events information see Events tab at
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For youth created Military Diorama Fundraising see GI Joe Toys tab for at
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Creators or sponsors include Norb Normand (Wausau, WI), Donna Normand (Wausau, WI), Aimee Buchberger (Marathon, Wisconsin), Grant Simcock (diorama constructor, 10 years old Edgar, WI), and Tyler Johnson (diorama constructor, 9 years old, Mosinee, Wisconsin), and the Diorama Volunteering Technicians at Electronic And Computer Solutions, LLC, Wausau, WI.

The Scene A Ramas or Dioramas will be on display at the Marathon County Public Library Wausau Wisconsin from November 1, 2014 until November 31, 2014.
The Scene A Ramas will move to the Marathon Public Library Marathon Wisconsin December 1 until December 31, 2014.
The Dioramas or Scene A Ramas will move to the Marathon Public Library Edgar Wisconsin from January 1, 2015 until January 31, 2015 (and others to be determined).

The four Scene A Ramas are US Army General Patton Directing Tank Traffic; France 1944; US Marine John Glenn Mercury Capsule Splashdown Atlantic Ocean 1962; US Marine John Glenn Piloting Panther Jet, Korean War 1953; US Army Green Beret Medal Of Honor Winner Bennie Adkins Landing Step Off From A Chinook Helicopter Vietnam War 1966; and General George Washington Colonial Army Revolutionary War Praying by his horse at Valley Forge USA winter 1777-1778.

GI JOE Scene A Rama /Diorama

1.) World War II 1944
General Patton Directing Traffic And M24 Chaffee Tank
US Army
3rd Army
“Killing Patton” Book by Bill Oreilly, R copyright, in display

2.) Stateside Vietnam War 1962
John Glenn Mercury Capsule Splashdown
US Marines
Atlantic Ocean

3.) Korean War 1953
John Glenn Panther Jet Pilot And Panther Jet
US Marines
Marine Air Wing, VMF-311, Airbase K-3 at P'ohang, Korea

4.) Vietnam War 1966
Bennie Adkins (Medal Of Honor) and mortar crew with a Chinook Helicopter
US Army Green Beret
Camp A Shau, Vietnam

5.) Revolutionary War Winter 1777-1778
General George Washington
Colonial Army
Valley Forge USA

Materials Sources:

-Art Wire, Screws, Paint, Brushes –Donation By Ace Hardware, Weston, WI
-Ground drop fabric simulating land, horse blanket, saddle material - Joann Fabrics, Rib Mountain, WI
-Plywood and Paint – Fleet Farm, Wausau, WI
-Hasbro Online- GI Joe Dolls, Uniforms, Gear
-Tank, Chinook Helicopter, Panther Jet – Specially created for this exhibit by James DeSimone, a Hasbro Awarded GI Joe Engineer, Burbank, CA
-“Killing Patton” book- by Bill O’Reilly, online, Fox News, New York, NY
-GI Joe Dolls – Goodwill Rib Mountain /Weston WI
-Glue and Adhesive – Popes Hobbyland, Wausau, WI
-Helicopter Pontoons – Hobby Lobby, Rib Mountain, WI
-Acrylic Glass – Rib Mountain Glass, Rib Mountain, WI

1.)Marathon County Public Library
300 North First Street
Wausau, Wisconsin 54403
2.) Marathon City Branch library
515 Washington Street
Marathon, Wisconsin 54448
3.) Edgar City Branch
224 3rd Ave
Edgar, Wisconsin 54426

Norbert Normand

Joan North Designs Jewelry Show

Dec 5, 2014 - Dec 6, 2014 10am - 6pm

Scarabocchio Art Museum, Stevens Point
Scarabocchio Art Museum will feature the jewelry of Stevens Point metalsmith, Joan North.

The public is invited to meet the artist and enjoy one -of-a-kind creations that explore a variety of jewelry making processes.

December 5: 10 till 6
December 6: 10 till 6

Joan North, 715-345-0945,