Official Guidelines for Submitting Comments on

By: WSAW Staff
By: WSAW Staff

NewsChannel 7 wants to extend an invitation to everyone to participate in discussions of news stories and blogs posted at Below are the official guidelines for taking part. They are modeled after's discussion rules.

Be respectful... or be quiet.
We want to encourage free speech as much as we reasonably can, especially when it comes to topics that need to be talked about bluntly. But, your comments should be directed at positions, not personalities. So, no personal attacks, name-calling, libel, defamation or hate speech. Further, do not post anything that could be perceived as threatening, harassing, bullying, obscene, pornographic, sexist or racist.

Keep it clean.
You certainly hear a lot of words in ordinary conversation that you wouldn't say in front of your grandmother. Approach your comments as if Grandma is reading; we don't want anyone to feel like they can't participate on

Be original.
Your posts should be your own work. There's nothing wrong with linking to pertinent material, and there's nothing wrong with quoting limited amounts of someone's work... provided you give proper attribution. But you should not copy and paste wholesale – that's plagiarism.

Be yourself... and only yourself.
This simply means you should not pose as someone else on

Keep it focused...
If you're talking with your friends about your car's gas mileage, would you like it if someone blurted out something about digital television? Make sure whatever you post is relevant to the discussion. well as short and to-the-point.
Nobody likes a rambler. Try to limit your comments to just a few sentences. We reserve the right to edit for brevity, clarity and other purposes.

Privacy, please!
Do not post someone's contact information. How would you like it if someone posted your phone number or e-mail address? By the way, you can read NewsChannel's privacy policy here.

This is not a commercial.
It's perfectly fine to express your views on religion, politics and relevant products or services you've encountered. However, understand that this is not the place for advertising, promotion, recruiting, campaigning, lobbying, soliciting or proselytizing. Use your best judgment on what's legitimate discussion and what's campaigning – we'll use ours.

Leave the trolls alone.
If you see abuse posted, we appreciate a heads up. But please refrain from engaging the trolls yourself – that's exactly what they want you to do, which will just make matters worse. If you engage in feeding a troll, we reserve the right to delete the troll's comment as well as your responses.

They're your comments - not ours.
NewsChannel 7 holds no responsibility for the content or viewpoints posted on Only the person submitting the material is accountable. We reserve the right to review, screen, delete, edit and/or move any content posted.

Your comments may be used on-air.
...and therefore, may be edited for length and clarity.

Violation of these guidelines can result in removal of your comments or posting privileges.

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