RYMAN REASON: Thoughts on Vick, NBA ref scandal, and Bud Selig

--So a grand jury has indicted Michael Vick with being involved in a dogfighting ring. When I first heard about it, I was shocked. But the more I thought about it, he is the brother of Marcus Vick, who also went to Virginia Tech, was kicked off the team twice and has had numerous run-in's with the law.
Is Vick innocent until proven guilty? Yes, in a court of law. But not in the court of public opinion.
He has a multi-million dolar house and he didn't know what was going on there? Please!
Do I think he's guilty? Yes! After the whole Duke rape case fiasco, no district attorney would push for this unless they have some hardcore evidence.

--The NBA has a scandal involving a ref possibly affecting the outcome of games. I feel sorry for every ref and umpire right now because if this dumbo, Tim Donaghy, supposedly did what he did, then those left standing will pay the price with fan harassment.

--Finally, Bud Selig should try and be in attendance when steroid boy hits home run # 756. I mean, Selig and the rest of the baseball higher-ups did turn a blind eye when the home run surge brought baseball out of it's slump. Am I right?

Thoughts or comments, shoot me an e-mail. Or if you have something else on your mind, speak...er...write freely. Thanks to all who responded to my last post.

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