Packers Hangover

By: Bill Martens
By: Bill Martens

The Packers' road to the Super Bowl came to a dead end in Philadelphia. Now they're taking the highway back to Green Bay, but it's just too early for some fans. If the first full day of the Packers' offseason has you feeling a bit low, you are certainly not alone, as the people of Wausau could serve as a support group for fans.

When David Akers nailed it down, this woman knew she was in for it.

"That my brother-in-law and nephew that live out in Philadelphia were going to be sending nasty e-mails today," says Becky Karlen.

This guy's coping by looking at the loss realistically.

"Actually, the Packers, the way they played this year and prepared for the games, they actually deserved to lose," says Richard Olson. "I hate to say it, but they don't deserve to be in there, the way they played."

Some are just bummed out that it's months until they see more action.

"I was disappointed having to wait another week to watch a Packers game, and now I have to wait seven months, so I'm not too happy about that," says Norah Brooks.

Maybe the best way to look at this thing is like this.

"Not worry about it," says Robert Schmidt. "Recognize the fact that the Packers did the very best they could, and that they'll have a chance next year to redeem themselves."

And that's about all you can ask for right now. The Packers' training camp kicks off in July.

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