Is Your Child a Bully or Being Bullied?

By: Kristen Guilfoos Email
By: Kristen Guilfoos Email

As we continue our focus on Children’s Mental Health Month, Jennifer Bushman joined us on on Sunrise 7 to share some tell-tale signs your child is a bully or being bullied.

Bullying is classified as repeated acts that include aggression and creating an imbalance of power.

What are some signs that your child may be getting bullied?

- Loss of interest in school or school work or not wanting to go to school

- Difficulty sleeping or increase in nightmares

- Loss of friendship or avoiding social situations

- Feelings of helplessness or low self-esteem

- Harming themselves or talking of suicide

What are some signs that your child may be bullying others?

- Getting into verbal and physical fights often

- Having friends who bully others

- Having unexplained money or new belongings

- Increasingly aggressive

Kids often don't tell adults because they feel won’t others won’t understand. They fear backlash from the person who’s bullied them or they feel embarrassed or helpless.

Kids who are bullied are more likely to experience depression and anxiety which could lead into adulthood and continue to impact them academically and socially.

Kids who bully others are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, get into fights, have more criminal behavior and be abusive toward others into adulthood. Kids who bully could also be experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression but are coping with it in unhealthy ways.

The important thing to remember is that when there is bullying both or all children involved need to receive help in order to know how to make healthier choices in their lives so that can develop healthy ways to problem solve and form positive relationships with others.