Haven Inc. Offers Refuge For Assault Victims

By: Britney Shiflet
By: Britney Shiflet

It's a place of refuge for sexually assaulted victims, and a safe haven for the domestically abused. But without the help of some outside sources, Haven Inc. would not be able to support those individuals who are in desperate need of their services.

According to the most recent survey offered by the Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance, nearly 5,000 sexual assaults in one year were reported to law enforcement. However, if that number seems outrageous to you, don't be alarmed. Haven Inc. Director Judy Woller says the number of abuses that go unaccounted for is even more frightening.

She says their efforts wouldn't be made possible without the help of outside support agencies like USDA Rural Development who has given them a grant to change facilities and stay afloat during strenuous economic times.

USDA Rural Development Coordinator Jenny Schenk says it's a rough process to choose which groups they can help, but through weighing out financial needs and other factors, they proudly chose Haven as a recipient for the grant money.

For more information on Haven, you can call their facility at 715-536-1300.