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Press Release from Unleavened Bread Ministries Regarding the Death of 11-Year-Old Madeline Kara Neumann and Our Experience with Her Parents, Dale and Leilani

David Eells - 3/27/08

We at UBM would like to clear up some misconceptions from what we know, which is little. :o)

Dale and Leilani Neumann from Wisconsin contacted one of our elders to ask that I (David Eells) call them to pray for their daughter. That elder got in touch with me Saturday evening and I called the Neumanns. To my knowledge this was the first time I had spoken to them other than by a few emails over the last few years and posting a testimony on our site from their ministry. It has been reported that they are "under" our ministry but they have had their own coffee house ministry for a few years in which they share the Gospel and we are glad of their work in The Lord.

They seem to be a very loving family who want to walk in the steps of Jesus, as do we. When I called they shared concern for their daughter, Kara, who had started getting sick in just the last day or so (not as is reported for the last 30 days). They asked me to pray and agree with them in prayer, basically because she appeared pale and listless (not a quote). They did not seem overly concerned because they had had healings before. This is not an unusual kind of request to us. I and our elders and prayer ministers are used to praying for the sick and have seen many healed by our Lord. We do not dictate to people about whether to go to the doctor or not but agree with their faith as the Bible says: {Matthew 18:19} Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father who is in heaven. We are not commanded in scripture to send people to the doctor but to meet their needs through prayer and faith. As anyone here in the ministry will tell you, we are not against doctors for those who have their faith there and never condemn or restrict them in any way. But we know that the best one to trust in for healing is Jesus Christ. The foundation for receiving this benefit from Him is repentance and faith in His promises. {1Peter 2:24} who his own self bare our sins in his body upon the tree, that we, having died unto sins, might live unto righteousness; by whose stripes ye were healed.

Jesus, whose faith was perfect, gave healing to anyone who had faith and still does. {Mt.8:13} And Jesus said unto the centurion, Go thy way; as thou hast believed, [so] be it done unto thee. And the servant was healed in that hour. ... {9:22} But Jesus turning and seeing her said, Daughter, be of good cheer; thy faith hath made thee whole. ... {29} Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it done unto you. {30} And their eyes were opened. I am very sorry that I have not yet manifested the faith of Jesus or his discernment when someone else has the repentance and faith needed. However, even in my weakness God's grace has healed many.

The day after I first spoke with the Neumanns they called me again from their car, very concerned as they followed an emergency vehicle with Kara in it. They told me that she had stopped breathing and asked if I would pray that The Lord would spare her and raise her up, which I did. I called on our prayer ministers and elders to pray for her too. The next thing I heard from them was that they were being investigated, which is sad since they don’t investigate the people who put their trust in doctors whose family members die by the hundreds of thousands from medical mistakes every year, according the AMA's own admission. We know that the doctors do the best they can with what they have and we do not condemn them. We would like the same consideration.

When Christians begin to put their trust in The Lord they are as babes learning to walk in a new Kingdom. Sometimes we stumble because of lack of faith or repentance in an area but hopefully we correct this and get back up. 'The righteous shall live by faith.' Those who do not know Jesus through being born of His Word think it is a terrible thing to die and it is for them. Jesus called dying 'entering into life' for those who know Him. Real life is in the Kingdom of Heaven and in the presence of our Lord and He can't wait for that. {Psalms 116:15} Precious in the sight of Jehovah is the death of his saints. A few of God's people have temporarily stepped into that realm and did not want to come back but had more work to do. We are sure Kara does not want to come back but we have asked God to send her for her parents' sake and as a testimony of His love for us.

At best we are poor representatives of our Lord but we love him and seek to walk in His steps for ourselves and mankind’s sake. We expect to grow in wisdom and stature in Him and do a better job in the future. Please pray for the Neumanns who do not deserve this persecution. Please pray for us that we would better represent our Father. Please pray for America to repent and turn to the Jesus of the Bible.

Thanks for you patience and understanding.

Love from your servant in Christ,

David Eells

P.S.: We may update this as time goes by.