Is It Worth It? Furniture Fix

By: Erik Mrotek
By: Erik Mrotek

This is the Furniture Fix, it's designed to boost the cushions on your couch or chair.
It's six plastic panels that link together. You just put the narrow tube into the wider one and slide it down. It looks like it has enough flexibility and isn't brittle.
We'll give it a try... I'll pull the cushion up and set them down. Now these aren't very wide, obviously there's not enough to go the length of the couch. They're even a little short on a chair. They're also not wide enough and you have to stagger them like this to reach back to front.
We'll put the cushion back on and give it the real test. After sitting, I can feel a little more support - not much.
After readjusting them again, stretching them to the front rail a little more, there's still not much improvement. There is some help - but not a complete fix.
Bottom line, this is a product I just can't support.
Is It Worth It? No.

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