Is It Worth It? - Eggies

By: Erik Mrotek
By: Erik Mrotek

It's supposed to give you hardboiled eggs, but without the hassle of the shell.
It's called Eggies. Erik Mrotek put it to the test to find out "Is It Worth It?".
Eggies are a set of 6 plastic egg shaped containers. You just screw them together, fill it with egg, and boil.
We'll give them a test.
The instructions are very clear that the plastic has to be greased fully. I'll use a paper towel here to get all of the areas.
Now, just crack the egg and drop it in. But a better option is to use a glass to pour it in and then screw the top down tight.
Now you drop it into warm tap water and bring to a boil. The instructions say it'll take 15-17 minutes. They're done... but you have to let them cool for a few minutes.
Now it's time to open them up. The first one came out OK. But the next one stuck. You have to loosen it around the edges. It then comes out eggs-actly.
It tastes fine and it's cooked through.
But fully greasing the plastic is a hassle and it can be a challenge to get the egg in the container straight from the eggshell. You also can't get too many in a pot and make sure they're all floating.
Even so, they did as they promised and cooked an egg.
Is it Worth It? Maybe.

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