Is It Worth It? - Bacon Genie

By: Erik Mrotek
By: Erik Mrotek

This is the Bacon Genie.
You get 3 pieces - a tweezer to remove it, and the handle and base. You just snap them together.
There's not much in the way of instructions. Just take the bacon and put it on the rack. They say you can get 12 pieces on it, but i think you'll get maybe 9 at the most.
We'll put it in the microwave. They say you can place a papertowel on it. I assume its to prevent splattering.
The instructions say for 5 pieces of bacon like we have, to cook it for 5 minutes. There's also a note that says for microwaves over 800 watts, cook at 80%.
At just over a minute to go, i can tell the bacon needs to come out. It's pretty well done at this point. And i can see a problem already. One of the pieces got so hot, the grease actually melted the plastic.
Also, the tray to catch the grease didn't do a good job and it's all over the bottom microwave plate.
So, Bacon Genie... No magic here.
Is it worth it? No.

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