Is It Worth It? - Sticky Buddy

By: Erik Mrotek
By: Erik Mrotek

This is the Sticky Buddy.
You get the roller with a plastic cover on it.
It's like most sticky rollers... The difference here is some rubber fingers that are supposed to get into deeper carpet.
We'll give it a shot.
After trying it a couple of times, it did pick up some fur.. hair and strings.
The sticky roller also caught some of the items it threw up.
As for the roller, we'll try it on a cat stand here my buddy milo helped get furry.
It does pick up the fur, but does leave some behind.
The roller gets less sticky as it gets full.
I'll try the fingers again.
They do move the fur, you can see it getting picked out of the material and moved to the center.
As for cleaning, it's as simple as running it under lukewarm water.
You just let it air dry or dry it with a lint free towel.
Sticky Buddy - it may be the kind of tool you'll want sticking around.
Is It Worth It??? Yes.

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