Is It Worth It? - InstaHang

By: Erik Mrotek
By: Erik Mrotek

This is the instahang... Just a plastic device - this is the hammer you press down on.
It's pretty much like a staplegun, you load the pegs through here.
They go in at a an angle - you have to make sure they're tilted in the right direction.
Just pull the spring plunger, drop them in and push them down with the rod.
There's a bubble at the top to make sure it's level - you'll want that square since they do go in at an angle.
Just set it there and press down. It doesn't take much pressure.
It didn't go, we'll try it again.
I can feel it take this time.
They're really like thumbtacks.
In this case, they barely fit in the picture frame hanger. It'll be tricky to get that in once on the wall.
It took a little doing - but it did hang the picture.
The last test is a weight challenge.
It says it can handle up to 10 pounds.
A few days ago, i rigged this - 2 3-pound weights and a pipe wrench that weighs a couple of pounds.
Once off, you do see that the peg moved - it cut down on the drywall and wiggles.
You can also see the difference in angle between the two pegs.
Instahang - it's supposed to replace your hammer - but i'm not hung up on it enough to give up mine.
Is it worth it??? Maybe

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