Is It Worth It? - GoJo

By: Erik Mrotek
By: Erik Mrotek

This is the GoJo... really just a headband with a suction cup on one end to attach your phone.
They also include these glossy stickers to put on your phone if it isn't a smooth finish.
The problem here is that they take 12 hours to adhere, and you can't use them again.
I have this phone here, and it should work. I just attach the suction cup to the back of the phone - avoiding the emblem on it.
It holds it in place and takes the weight.
Once you slip it on, it does hold it against your ear - not much of a fashion statement, though.
The commercials show people running and jumping around - I'll just rake some leaves.
Shaking my head doesn't seem to move it.
Of course there are times you have to bend over to get something.... and there it goes.
Yup, it doesn't like being tipped upside down.
The other thing is that the non-phone end isn't tapered very well to fit the curve of your head. The angle is wrong and it pokes into the side of your head. Not comfortable at all.
The package also shows you can use a bigger phone like this house phone.
Again, too heavy to stay on.
GoJo.... I've got to say oh no.
Is It Worth It??? No.

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