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In March 2010, President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law. What's this you ask? Check out the resources listed below to learn more about what this means for you and your family.

National Headlines

  • Yale student says Ebola quarantine not based on science
    A Yale graduate student is free from quarantine this morning after Connecticut officials feared he may have contracted Ebola. Ryan Boyko returned from West Africa earlier this month and tested negative for the vius, but the state's health department ordered him to remain in quarantine at his home. Don Dahler was the first person to speak with Boyko following his quarantine's termination.
  • Obama pushes for states to follow CDC's Ebola guidelines
    The Obama administration is trying to quell the Ebola fears of Americans and is asking states to comply by more flexible Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's guidelines. However, the U.S. military is imposing strict protocols for soldiers serving in Ebola-stricken countries. Bill Plante reports from the White House.
  • Nurse fights Maine over state-imposed self-quarantine
    Kaci Hickox, a nurse who treated Ebola patients in West Africa, is fighting Maine over its orders for her to stay home. Police have been stations outside her house since she returned. She spoke to reporters Wednesday night. Charlie Rose reports.
  • Whiskey pulled over antifreeze ingredient, but not in U.S.
    One of the fastest-growing liquor brands in America has European health officials making big changes, but Americans won't see the same reaction
  • Ebola quarantine changes for Yale grad student
    Ryan Boyko tested negative for the virus, but Connecticut officials insisted he remain isolated at home, a decision he calls "simply unnecessary"
  • 50 pounds lost for 50th reunion
    In January, Carol Highsmith, 68, began a journey of threes. She had three milestones of 50 that she planned to reach by following three simple rules:
  • How rabbi lost 100 pounds
    Rabbi Pesach Sommer lost 100 pounds after a doctor told him he had type 2 diabetes.
  • It's time to get your flu shot!
    Flu season is about to begin, the CDC says. And health officials have a few updates to their recommendations.
  • Flu shot myths addressed
    Flu vaccine myths can confuse people trying to decide whether to get a shot. Here are five common myths and, based on information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the truth.
  • Vintage cold and flu ads
  • AP IMPACT: If Ebola batters US, we are not ready
    The U.S. health care apparatus is so unprepared and short on resources to deal with the deadly Ebola virus that even small clusters of cases could overwhelm parts of the system, according to an Associated Press review of readiness at hospitals and other components of the emergency medical network....
  • Wisconsin studies music and memory program
    UNION GROVE, Wis. (AP) -- Mike Knutson taught himself to play the harmonica as a child, and the 96-year-old sang with his family for most of his life. Even now, as he suffers from dementia, music is an important part of his life thanks to a study looking at the impact of a nationwide music program aimed at helping dementia patients....
  • Showdown imminent over nurse's quarantine in Maine
    FORT KENT, Maine (AP) -- State police plan to monitor the movements and interactions of a nurse who vowed to defy the state's quarantine for health care workers who treat Ebola patients, but troopers cannot take her into custody without a judge's permission....
  • Study: Young people more likely to survive Ebola
    Who survives Ebola and why? Health workers treating patients in Sierra Leone, including some who died doing that work, have published the most detailed report yet on medical aspects of the epidemic. The research suggests young people are less likely to perish, fever is the most common symptom when victims first seek care, and early help is crucial....
  • Quarantines rarely used, effectiveness questioned
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Spanish flu pandemic a century ago prompted the last large-scale quarantines in this country. Now the Ebola outbreak is raising new questions about whether ordering quarantines is an effective way to fight deadly disease in the U.S....
  • Ebola Q&A with UW Health Infectious Disease Specialist Nasia Safdar
    Madison, Wisconsin - With Ebola now present in the U.S., hospitals and health care facilities across the country are stepping up efforts to prepare for potential cases of the deadly virus, and taking precautionary measures to prevent its spread. ...
  • Controlling the Costs of Cancer Care
    Madison, Wisconsin – Since the mid-1980s the cost of cancer care in the United States has increased dramatically relative to costs in many European countries. Whereas in Europe health care costs hover around 10 to 12 percent of gross domestic p...
  • UW Health Dietitian Saves Runner's Life During 5K Run
    DeForest, Wisconsin - The morning of Saturday, Oct. 4, was a cold, rainy and downright dreary day in southern Wisconsin. It was not the most ideal conditions for the annual Holy Hustle, a 5K run in DeForest that benefited St. Olaf's Catholic Church.&...
  • Gluten Free Fad Versus Fact
    Madison, Wisconsin – Whether it's at the grocery store, a restaurant, or even fast food chains, gluten-free options are popping up all over the place. Some diet trends promote gluten-free as a way to lose weight, while some authors suggest cont...
  • Making Sense of Nutrition Information
    Madison, Wisconsin – It seems like every week the media is filled with new stories about diets or supplements that can help you live longer and healthier (or not). Contradictory Messages Whether it's coffee, red wine, red meat or carb...

Health Headlines

New Home Test Shakes Up Colon Cancer Screening

Posted: 10/26/2014 - Starting Monday, millions of people who have avoided colon cancer screening can get a new home test that's noninvasive and doesn't require the icky preparation most other methods do.

Dallas Officials: 120 Still on Ebola Monitoring

Posted: 10/20/2014 - Texas health officials say 120 people are still being monitored for possible infection with Ebola because they may have had contact with one of the three people who got the disease in Dallas.

CDC: Monitoring for all Coming from Ebola Nations

Posted: 10/22/2014 - Federal health officials are significantly expanding the breath of vigilance for Ebola, saying that all travelers who come into the U.S. from Ebola-stricken West African nations will now be monitored for symptoms of illness for 21 days.

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