Student Musicians Learn Suzuki Method

Summer time is the season for sending kids off to camp and one program in Stevens Point is helping kids get a healthy attitude through music.

The American Suzuki Institute, held at the U.W. Stevens Point campus, hosts more than 1,000 student musicians from 32 states and seven countries to learn the Suzuki Method. It takes the basic principles of learning a language and applies them to music.

Parents and students said the one-week camp is "magical."

"I think it's the process of the method and the philosophy of nurturing fine human beings through the discipline of music," said institute director, Pat D'Ercole. "Our goal is not to mass produce prodigies, but to develop loving, caring, sensitive human beings through the discipline of music."

There are two separate camps that focus on different instruments, each a week long. Students will be taking classes and perform for the public throughout the week. You can find those performance times as well as other information at the link below.