Show Us Your Shanty: Art on the Ice

By: Kristen Guilfoos Email
By: Kristen Guilfoos Email

Mike Siroin took his own trash, and made it into treasure.

"I tried to get it ready for camping one year and it went to heck so I said to myself, we might as well make a shanty out of it, so that's what we did."

After working on it for about a month, with the help of his family, he brought that run-down broken camper back to life. He likes to call it his "pop up paradise."

The inside has all the basics: a fridge, a hole in the floor, a CD player, a place to rest, and a mix of eclectic wall decorations. It's what's on the outside though, that really catches your eye.

Each side is devoted to the things this family loves most: Nascar, Harley Davidson, and the Green Bay Packers.

This isn't any old Saturday afternoon art project. This took a lot of time and patience to make sure every detail in every logo was perfect.

Mike himself doesn't have a Harley yet, but his brother-in-laws have bikes, so that's why one side is painted orange and black. It represents their current hogs and the ones Mike dreams of.

The opposite side is all about his respect for racing.

"This here is Dale Senior and Dale Junior. Obviously everybody knows Senior is dead, but Junior, I'm hoping he's gonna have a championship year pretty soon. I'm probably one of the only die-hards that haven't gave up on him yet. "

The last two sides are reserved for the Green Bay gridiron.

Mike is especially proud of these football themed sides.

"2011 and 2012 back to back championships. NFC Championships"

You'll notice there's a lot of open space on one side, and that's not because he got tired of painting logos. It's because he'll never get tired of cheering for the green and gold.

Always the optimist... He's hoping he'll have to pull out the paint brushes again soon.

He says, "Lets hope we can add a bunch. Maybe a couple of Superbowls."