Donor Family Meets Kidney Recipient in Merrill

Joleen and Bryan Buehler were all smiles, and a few tears, when they met Matthew Meyer today. Meyer drove five and a half hours with his parents just to meet the parents of the Merrill boy who saved his life.

Five years ago, the Buehler's lost their son, Jordan, at the young age of 18. And two days after his death, they donated his organs.

"I went with him to get his drivers license, and he wanted to be an organ donor," said Joleen.

Saturday morning the Buehler's had the opportunity to meet Matthew Meyer, the boy that received Jordan's kidney.

Meyer was born with only one kidney, and when he was 16-years-old his kidney began to fail. Meyer was immediately put on the transplant list, and six months later he got a call from a hospital in Madison that changed his life forever.

"They called my house at 11:45 at night... and within 15 minutes we were out the door driving up the two hours to get there," said Meyer. After five years living with his new kidney, Meyer thought it was time to meet the family who saved his life.

"Meeting the family it gives me closure," said Meyer, "Now I can see who I got my kidney from and how wonderful they've been through this entire process for me and for Jordan."

Jordan's tragedy saved more than just one life. The Buehler's say there are at least four other people who received organs from their son.

Meyer said he feels eternally grateful, and plans to live the rest of his life to the fullest.

To become an organ donor, all you have to do is select the donor option when you apply for a license or ID card.