Carnival Cruise Fiasco Makes Some Question Safety

First it was the Costa Concordia and now it is the Carnival Triumph. Needless to say it has been a less than stellar year for the cruise industry.

With spring break approaching many families are looking to trade in their snowpants for swimsuits on a getaway. Some however question if cruises are safe. Scott Hunger, owner of Travel Leaders in Schofield say, "Absolutely it's safe. There is no reason not to cruise. Obviously this was a disaster but other disasters do happen."

Hunger says that despite recent problems there is no need to worry. "Obviously there are other land-based vacations if they really don't want to go on a cruise. There are several other warm weather destinations that people can go."

With more than 20 million people expected to cruise this year, Hunger says sales might slow for a short time following the recent incident but he does not expect them to be impacted significantly.

"I would have to say that in the short term maybe, but people have short memories but it is probably over and done with in a week and things will probably go back to normal."

Regardless, of whether or not Carnival's problems will have a long term impact on cruising, there is no doubt that the 3,000 people aboard the Triumph are glad to be back on dry land.