Crews Racing to Fix Problem Potholes

The beginning of spring is just 15 short days away. As the snow slowly starts to melt, the city is working overtime to get potholes fixed. For the Wausau Public Works Department, it has become clear that they have a huge task ahead of them.

"In some cases we will go over the street multiple times trying to get more of the holes. We also redo many of the holes multiple times. " said Robert Andringa of Wausau Public Works.

Trucks are out daily trying to keep up with the repairs, but permanent patching may not be possible until the weather warms up. Until then, the city is forced to use a product called "cold mix" which plugs up potholes in the short term. Public works officials say that the cold mix is not meant to be a long-term solution.

"Its more of a temporary fix. In some cases it works really well, but then again if there are heavy amounts of water or traffic, it normally won't hold up very long." Andringa said.

Road crews are expected to begin permanently patching roadways beginning in May.