College Grads Begin Job Search

Things are starting to look very quiet on the UW Stevens Point campus following the end of finals. However the excitement of tomorrow's graduation ceremony is still palpable.

Soon to be graduate Greg Blick just learned today that he has been hired for a job in the forestry industry. For him, knowing he will have a job is a big relief.

"It is going to be great going across that stage and knowing I will be able to get back to work immediately. " Blick said.

Unfortunately not everyone has the same amount of instant success with finding work.
However UWSP Career Councilor Lorry Walters says students shouldn't fret, because patience and persistence are key in finding your dream job.

"There are lots of different ways of finding work. Probably the most effective is also the most time consuming and that is networking. " Walters says.

In cases where hundreds of people are applying for the same jobs, it is important to find ways for graduates to make themselves stand out.

"Take the time to figure out what is their skill set. What are the things they really bring to employers and get clear on that." Walters advises.

So if graduates have had the success that people like Greg have had, or if they are still sending out resumes, they know that something will work out for them too.