Bridge Inspections Begin Across Central Wisconsin

We drive across bridges every day, likely taking them for granted.
As we have seen before however if they are not properly maintained they can have dire concequences.
That is why Kris Baguhn and the rest of the bridge inspectors around the state make sure to check every detail.

"We physically go out and look at all of the elements on the sheet." Baguhn says.

That is why Baguhn has been spending the past several days looking above, below, and on the side of area bridges making sure they don't have any structural flaws.

"It is some of the older bridges that have some flaws that are in the replacement program but are waiting for their turn to come up and be designed that you want to keep an eye on." Baguhn said.

With 14,000 bridges around the state, it is important to have an organized schedule when it comes to checking every and all bridges.

"The state has a database of bridges that comes up when they are due for inspection. Every other year they have to be done within a certain amount of time in order to get federal funding for your bridge projects. " says Baguhn.

While crews assure us that area bridges are in fact safe, nearly 50 bridges in Northcentral Wisconsin are classified as either structurally deficient or obsolete, something that concerns many drivers. As long as inspectors remain diligent about checking these bridges they hope to insure our continued safety.