Beloved Librarian Retires After 40 Years

The Marathon County Library says farewell to one of their own today. Mike O'Conner is retiring after spending more than 40 years as a librarian. His first day was Jan. 1, 1974, and since then O'Connor's seen three different buildings, six directors and the introduction of technology.

O'Connor said saying goodbye is bitter sweet, "Well it's happy and sad because you know it's a new chapter... but I'm going to be very sad to leave the staff because they're a great staff. They've made the library the great place it is."

O'Connor's co-workers threw him a goodbye party with food, drinks and a slideshow of pictures dating back to the 80s. His co-workers say he will certainly be missed.

"They're not just my coworkers they're my friends," said O'Connor, "So I'm going to be sad that I won't be seeing them every day, but if you love books and people there's no way you can't come back to the library."

What's the next move for O'Connor you might ask? Well, he said he's just going to take it easy.

"My retirement was kind of on short notice, so I'm still making plans for you know what I might be doing with my family," said O'Connor, "So we've got time, you know.. we've got time."