VP's Visit

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

Opening up to a crowd chanting you are U.S. Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards rallied his supporters in Stevens Point Friday night, Many of them waiting to see the Democrat's response to the Republican National Convention earlier this week.

"I'm actually interested to see what Edwards will have as a rebuttal," said Nick Hylla, a man opposed to the Bush administration.

"I wanna see him connect with us, I wanna see him energize us," said John Edwards supporter, Daniel McCollum.

Earlier in the evening Edwards met with a handful of supporters and local politicians at a bar in Wausau. There, the main topic was health care and the cost of prescription drugs.

"$2,500 a month is crazy. They have got to be making enormous profits," said a one woman to Edwards.

"We ought to be allowed prescription drugs from Canada. That'll bring the cost down for everyone," said Edwards.

"Four million Americans have fallen into poverty. In the four years he's been president, over a million private sector jobs have been lost," said Edwards.

One of the most common phrases of the night from Edwards is we (he and John Kerry) have a plan. The question is whether or not they'll have a chance to put that plan into action.