Donation Dumping at Neighbors' Place

By: Amanda Lutz
By: Amanda Lutz

Neighbors' Place says they're always in need of donated items. But when those items are left at the doorstep after hours, it causes headaches for the charity, one they're trying to cure.

Monday mornings have become somewhat of a hassle at the Neighbors' Place. Workers say they'll return to find a massive pile of donations left during the weekend. And it can look like a big mess.

"It really looks less like a pile of donations dropped off and more like someone came by and dumped a truck of garbage in front of the property," says Tom Rau, executive director of Neighbors' Place.

The East Central Neighborhood Association recently asked the charity to try and stop the donation dumping, saying it's becoming an eyesore. Rau agrees.

"We fully sympathize with the neighbors and we want to be good neighbor in the neighborhood," Rau says. "So we sympathize with their feelings that it looks kind of bad because it does."

Rau has already ordered "No Dumping" signs, which should be in place in a few weeks. And he'll meet with the Neighborhood Association next Tuesday to find other solutions to the donation dumping.

"Once people understand what the problem can be, they can help us take care of this problem just by not dropping things off during those times when we're closed," Rau says.

Rau also says if people can't drop off their donations during business hours, they should call Neighbors' Place, and they'll be more than happy to make some sort of arrangement to take in items.