Post Lake Uprooted

By: Karen Kostko
By: Karen Kostko

Just two weeks ago, vandals uprooted plants and shrubs at Post Lake in Langlade County.

The incident happened twice in the last month and cost the county a mere $400, but forestry officials say the vandals stole a lot more than that; they took away from the community members and volunteers who have worked so hard on restoring the area.

"The Langlade County Police Department has some leads, I don't know why someone would steal plants when they're very cheap to begin with," says Matthew Wagner, Langlade County Shoreline Specialist.

Since the suspicious incidents happened, forestry officials say they've placed hidden cameras in the park areas and residents have started a neighborhood watch.

The incident happened in the midst of a year long restoration process. The project is more than $4,000 and is being funded through a state grant.