Republican Candidates Debate Issues

By: Amanda Lutz
By: Amanda Lutz

This election year is filled with big issues like health care costs and tax reform. Those were the main issues that the candidates competing for the 85th Assembly seat focused on at Tuesday's candidate forum.

Who should run on the GOP ticket for the 85th Assembly seat? That's what voters attempted to answer as the four republican candidates debated key issues, and while they answered questions regarding a number of topics, they all have different top priorities on their agendas.

"Everybody says we need to lower taxes, we need to do this," says Ed Gale, a member of the Wausau City Council. "What we need to do is start putting some formulas on the table."

"If we expect to have a stable state economy, we need to get a handle on the health care costs," says Linda Minnihan, a nurse and teacher at NTC. "We need to provide affordable, accessible health care coverage."

"One of the major issues I'm concerned about is the baby boomers," says Sarah Kamke, former mayor of Schofield. "We have to look at that because that's going to have a huge impact over the next 10 years."

"Property tax reform is my biggest platform," says Bill Marcis, a former small business owner. "I feel that we need to do something to limit the amount of government growth."

After hearing the candidates, voters say they expect the primary race to be tight.

"We have four very good candidates and I look forward to seeing the results," says Terry Geurink, president of the Wausau West Side Business Association, one of the sponsors of the forum.

The winner of the September primary will face Democratic candidate Donna Seidel. A debate between Seidel and the Republican winner is slated for October 19. The winner will replace Greg Huber, who was elected Marathon County judge.